Get Our Apps For Free!

Thanks for everyone who supports us, especially for those reviewers. When we are reading some recent reviews in App Store, we are really moved that they took their precious time to review our products, sharing their viewpoints about the advantages and the disadvantages so that we can know the very thought of our King - the customers. We really appreciate it.

To show our gratitude, we are offering our products for free to our reviewers - thanks to Apple we can send you the redeem code of certain apps so that you can buy them for free in App Store. However, redeem code is limited. As a result, to receive our redeem code, please follow the steps below:

  • Post your review of our products (except for Public Spirit, which is owned by jojohot, not us) in App Store, using either iTunes or iPhone / iPod Touch, with a name that can indicate your identity in some way.
  • Send an email to leo囧superarts。org with title like "[RedeemRequest] Whatever blah blah", and tell us something we need:
    • The name of the app that you reviewed.
    • The name you used as the reviewer: please make it 'related' with your email info, for example, if you are using something like 'CoolReviewerHahaha' as the name of the reviewer in App Store, and the mail you are using to request a redeem code is something like 'John Doe <>', then we will not be able to figure out your identity forever, so just make them related in some ways.
    • You have submitted your review by using iTunes or iPhone, etc.
    • Which app you want to get for free.
  • If the redeem code of the app you requested is still available, we will send it to you by email.
Thanks in advance! We're looking forward to your request. Have a good time!