This easy-to-use utility offers you the function of merging two address book contacts as one by only 6 taps. The old contacts will not be removed from your address book by default, you can change this behavior or other settings in the iPhone 'Settings' app.

How To Use

1. Select The 1st Contact From Your Address Book.

2. Select The 2nd Contact.

3. Data Will Be Merged. Tap 'Save' And Done.

* After I synchronized my iPhone with the 'Google Contact' checked in my iTunes, there are a lot of duplicated contacts in my iPhone: some with phone number only and some with email address only. It's nearly impossible to merge my several hundred contacts by hand, so I wrote this small app... And you'll need it if you are having the same problem as mine. Apple did leave a lot of 'basic' functions for us developers - just kidding :)