aGun Series

aGun: The Motion Sensor Game On iPhone / iPod Touch

Promotional Music Video

Even Running!

aGun is a fully featured motion sensor game. You play a federal officer who's blind because of an accident, and your iPhone becomes your aGun, aiding you out in the battlefield.

aGun will capture your motions like aiming and shooting with voice hints so that you can complete totoally 20 levels. You can even burn some carolies with this game if you play it every day! Some levels in hard mode are really good physical exercises for you.

To be a master, you need to balance yourself with great stability and accuracy - and you'll be a master of real guns this way, too! Get higher scores and compete with your friends to show who's the real gunner!

- A Real Exciting Motion Sensor Game!
- Change Your Name & Beat The High Score!
- 8 Basic Tutorial Levels
- 4 Training Levels With 3 Difficulties
- 4 Video Demos And A Music Video
- Demo Photos & Exclusive Artworks
- And a lot more inside!

What's New


*IMPORTANT! iGun is renamed to aGun now. Please check the release notes below for details.

- Optimized performance of the build-in sound engine.
- Renamed to aGun due to a trademark/copyright issue.



It's Important To Have iGun (iGun Theme)

Written by F.F.B.
Composed by Nicola Guida
Performance by F.F.B.
Super Art Records

Original Song: War And Comets
Composed And Performanced by Nicola Guida
Released Under Creative Comman License

(Verse 1)
If you don't have a gun
You're gonna run
'Cause they are gonna shoot you
You can't even hide
They are laughing at you
You feel it's gonna be the end
You're a boy no more
You must be a man

(Verse 2)
They can kill you any time
They have gun, gun, gun
You can't protect yourself
You just run, run, run
You have nothing with you
Only iPhone / iPod Touch
You find App Store
You get yourself iGun

(Verse 3)
It's time for your revenge
'Cause now you have iGun
You don't need to hide no more
It's time for them to run
What are you waiting for
Be a man not a boy no more
Buy yourself iPhone
As well as iGun

*iPhone, iPod Touch, and App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc. iGun and this song are written for iPhone / iPod Touch. All rights reserved. Please contact leo-at-superarts-dot-org if you want any details.

About The Materials

All pistol photos and sound effects are from Creative Commons search engine with tags commercial, modify, and build upon.

All the artworks and voice clips are from Super Art Studio. Some rights reserved. Please contact leo-at-superarts-dot-org for details.