About eRead (Standard Version)

eRead is an easy-to-use iPhone viewer app, which supports many formats such as txt, doc, pdf, jpg, etc. Files are shared via Bonjour service (supports both upload and download).

- Uploading Any Files To iPhone Via Bonjour
- Supported Formats: Read Them On iPhone
 * Text (txt)
 * Image (jpg, png, gif, tiff...)
 * Documents (doc, pdf, xls...)
 * HTML (htm...)
- Share Files With Friends Via Bonjour
- Font Zoom In / Out In Text Reader
- 5 Color Themes In Text Reader
- Various settings including "remember last file", etc.

What's New In v1.1

- Added a text viewer for txt files.
- Various minor bug fixing.

What's New In v1.2

- Added "remember last file" feature (see iPhone Settings).
- Added a "Book" tab for build-in books.
- Improved the format of the 'Apps' tab in App Reports series.
- Various minor bugs fixing.

Other eRead Products

eRead: App Reports series: For iPhone developers and businessmen.
eRead: 朵朵的奇妙冒险──罪: Chinese fiction by Super Art Studio.
eRead: Books Series: Tons of free e-books inside!

Notice: if you want to cooperate with us by putting your book inside an eRead product, please contact us at leo囧superarts.org.