eRead: App Reports Series

About AppSales Reports Series

This app can help iPhone developers manage their App Store reports on iPhone. If you are only looking for an multiple formats viewer, please check the standard eRead app because it's much cheaper. You can also check our website for the whole App Reports series if you want a more advanced or cheaper one.

App Reports series is based on the eRead series. There are 4 different versions:
  • eRead: App Reports
    • Supports All Features of eRead: App Trend & eRead: App Finance
    • Available For $6.99, RECOMMENDED!
  • eRead: App Basic
    • Supports All features of eRead
    • Supports 3 Kinds Of App Store Reports
      • Daily Sales / Trend Reports
      • Weekly Sales / Trend Reports
      • Monthly Financial Reports
    • Offers 6 Kinds Of Overview Reports
      • Overview Reports
      • Daily App Reports
      • Weekly App Reports
      • Daily Sales Reports
      • Weekly Sales Reports
      • Monthly Financial Reports
    • Database Exporting (sqlite3 Format)
    • Available For $2.99
  • eRead: App Trend
    • Supports All Features of eRead: App Basic
    • 4 Kinds Of  Detailed Sales / Trend Reports
      • Detailed Daily App Reports
      • Detailed Weekly App Reports
      • Detailed Daily Trend Reports
      • Detailed Weekly Trend Reports
    • Available For $4.99
  • eRead: App Finance
    • Supports All Features of eRead: App Basic
    • Detailed Monthly Financial Reports
    • Available For $3.99

About eRead

eRead is an easy-to-use iPhone viewer app, which supports many formats such as txt, doc, pdf, jpg, etc. Files are shared via Bonjour service (supports both upload and download).

- Uploading Any Files To iPhone Via Bonjour
- Supported Formats: Read Them On iPhone
 * Text (txt)
 * Image (jpg, png, gif, tiff...)
 * Documents (doc, pdf, xls...)
 * HTML (htm, html...)
- Share Files With Friends Via Bonjour

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to upload files to iPhone by using eRead series app?
  • You'll need Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X in the first place.
  • Install Safari & Bonjour service if you're using Windows.
  • Open Safari.
  • Choose 'Bookmarks' from the main menu, and then choose the 'Show All Bookmarks'.
  • In the 'COLLECTIONS' tab, choose 'Bonjour'. A list will appear, showing available Bonjour servers currently.
  • Launch any eRead series app on your iPhone.
  • Tap the 'Start Uploading Files' button in the 'Overview' tab. Make sure that your iPhone is already connected to your local network via a Wi-Fi connection.
  • In your Safari, you should be able to find the name of your iPhone (e.g. Leo's iPhone). Double click it to enter the file sharing server on iPhone.
  • Click an existing file to view its content or download it to your computer.
  • Choose a file from your computer by clicking the 'Choose' button, and then upload it by clicking the 'Upload' button.
  • Please leave your iPhone alone while uploading. Once you see the new file name appears in the existing file name list, you should be able to find it in the 'Browser' tab of the eRead app on iPhone.
  • If you're loading a supported App Store report, you'll probably experiencing some delay. Please just wait until a message pop out.
Q2. Why I got 'server not found' when I click my iPhone in Safari?
  • It appears to be a knowing issue of Safari. Unfortunately, you'll have to restart your computer to fix this issue (because the server on iPhone is not down, restart iPhone won't fix this problem).
Q3. I brought a more expensive eRead app with some name as 'App Reports' or whatever, and it doesn't work for me! REFUND!!
  • The 'App Reports' series apps are designed for iPhone developers.
  • If you want refund, please contact Apple who runs their App Store. As developers, we're sorry that Super Art Software is not able to handle refund requests.
Q4. Does this eRead app support multiple files uploading?
  • Currently eRead does not support multiple files uploading.
Q5. Importing all my reports is annoying! Any work around?

Knowing Issues

Please check our tracker for the knowing issues.